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Buffer Tanks

We can supply Buffer Tanks from 100lt to 200,000lt !!

Buffer tanks are needed where large scale storage of heating water is required, for projects such as biomass or solid fuel applications, it may be a requirement to utilise an insulated storage tank often referred to as a buffer tank, or accumulator tank. Heat Pump systems also utilise buffer tanks or buffer vessels to promote efficient use of system water.

Mibec specialise in the specification and supply of such buffer tanks, and can speak with many years experience of sizing and selecting the right buffer tank or accumulator tank for your project.

Generally most buffer tanks are smaller tanks used with air source heat pumps to prevent short cycling of the heat pump, and therefore make for a more efficient system. We can supply dedicated heat pump buffer tanks to suit all applications. Please call for help with sizing of such buffer vessels.

Tanks can be supplied from 100 litres up to 7000 litres and more if required. Our comprehensive range of accumulator tanks can also come fitted with additional coils, making them ideal to connect to other forms of renewable energy sources such as solar or heat pumps, as well as traditional oil and gas systems. In addition, they can be fitted with electrical heating elements to provide additional back up.

Standard Heat Pump Buffer Range

Size – Volume (Litres) Height

Diameter (with insulation)





4 x 1 ½”  plus pockets




4 x 1 ½” plus pockets




4 x 2” plus pockets




4 x 3” plus pockets




4 x 3” plus pockets




4 x 3” plus pockets

Please feel free to call our support dept on 0845 303 9397 where we can help to specify a tank that suits your needs, or recommend a suitable solution to your your thermal storage requirements.

For full dimensions / specs, please click link to download pdf spec sheet here Heat Pump and Chilled Water Buffers Oct 2011

Should you need a buffer or accumulator tank for use with wood boilers, wood pellet boilers or multi-energy systems, please visit our Accumulator Tank Page for more information.


The above specifications are a guide to our full range of tanks and cylinders available, and as such we reserve the right to modify or change the design and specification where required without notice.  Please ensure you have received the latest specification or dimensions from us before completing any design or installation project, as we cannot be held responsible for any changes that may occur.