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Flexible Flue Liner

Suitable for use on wood fired boilers or wood burning stoves, we can provide high quality flexible flue liner products at an affordable price.

Our systems are UK manufactured, and have been approved by HETAS UK. The product is a twin skin stainless steel liner, importantly one of the only liners on the market that has two separate skins, meaning that it less likely to tear or pull open when lining your chimney.

The liner comes with a fully backed manufacturer’s 15 year warranty, for complete peace of mind. Our pack prices are shown below, but please call for specific pricing for your needs.

Flexible Liner Kit – Includes 316 grade multifuel liner, flex adaptor, top plate, top clamp, rain cowl 

(Suitable for use on wood burning stoves, biomass boilers, oil or gas systems)

Length 5” / 125mm 6” / 150mm 7” / 175mm 8” / 200mm
5 metres £173.09 £190.83 £210.29 £223.92
6 metres £191.31 £212.61 £235.95 £252.31
7 metres £209.54 £234.38 £261.62 £280.70
8 metres £227.76 £256.15 £287.28 £309.09
9 metres £245.98 £277.92 £312.94 £337.47
10 metres £264.21 £299.69 £338.61 £365.86

Above prices are ex Vat. Delivery charges apply.  Other sizes and accessories are available. Please call or email for details.