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Our Partners Cordivari Tanks

We are proud to distrbute Cordivari tanks and products throughout the UK. Cordivari have been at the forefront of thermal storage tank solutions in Europe. We are proud to have them as our preferred partners for buffer tanks and multi energy  tanks and cylinders in the UK. As exclusive UK distributors, we can provide a full service and back up finction for the Cordivari range.


The Cordivari Group history commences in 1972 at Giulianova (TE), when Mr. Ercole Cordivari took his first step and founded an individual business, ERCOLE CORDIVARI TERMOSERBATOI producing handcrafted tanks.

Constant hard work and good feedback from the market resulted in a move from the smaller premises to an industrial warehouse, located in the Commune of Morro D’Oro (TE). In 1981, CORDIVARI ERCOLE TERMOSERBATOI was joined by TER-MEC CORDIVARI S.r.l. Encouraging turnover allowed the businessman to make his products known beyond the immediate confines of the region. A commercial structure also began to take shape, with the arrival of the first agent.
In 1989 Mr. Ercole Cordivari founded another technically organised business, CORDIVARI S.r.l., whose company aim was to manage a hot galvanising plant, the need for which was felt in the Province of Teramo, allowing in-house management of the entire galvanised tank production cycle.

The year 1990 saw the birth of another industrial reality, PETRINI S.r.l., working in the coveted market for stainless steel products (tanks, food containers). Development of the company allowed constant growth, and the company policy of profit reinvestment resulted in an extension of the range of products offered on the market.
Production of household radiators started in 1992, and these articles also allowed Cordivari to extend sales beyond national confines, making itself known on foreign markets as well.

In the month of November 1996 CORDIVARI S.r.l., after a number of certificates attesting the quality of its products (“DIN” and “NF” for radiators, “ISTITUTO GIORDANO” for chimney pipes, “ISPESL”, “TUV” and “ANCCP” for pressurised containers), was also awarded certification of its company quality control system under UNI EN ISO 9001– Certification valid for Household radiators, Pressurised containers, Boilers and Chimney Pipes.
Production of stainless steel chimney pipes and polyethylene tanks started in 1997. Also during this year the hot galvanising sector, used for both in-house and third party production, was increase and integrated by creation of a powder painting, cataphoresis, sanding and enamelling plant. This structure is known as the Metal Finishing Division.
The year 1999 saw the birth of EUROMEC S.r.l., which enabled production of all the painted radiators finished and sold by CORDIVARI S.r.l. to be concentrated in a single structure.

In 2002, Cordivari Group was awarded of a new own company quality control system certification: UNI EN ISO 9001:2000.

In August 2003 a new industrial unit has been set up in Castelnuovo al Vomano, so today the whole Industrial Area is around 200.000 mq.

In 2005 Cordivari group is awarded of quality certification UNI EN ISO 14001 and the update of ISO 14001:2004.

Today Cordivari boasts a surface area of 200,000 m2 with 4 production sites and over 450 employees.