Mibec WP ECO Digital

Pressurisation Unit Kit (Digital)


Product Description

Mibec Pressurisation Unit – Kit (Digital)

Standard Features
■■ 5 bar pump
■■ Pump continuously rated, 2 pole, single phase motor
■■ Control pressure switch
■■ Electronic Control Module
■■ Pressure gauge
■■ Break tank with diaphragm ball valve
■■ WRc Category 5 compliant type AA break tank


The WP ECO DIGITAL Range has been developed for those requiring a compact high quality pressurisation set with either single or twin pump electronic control with volt free contacts.


The WP ECO DIGITAL is fitted with an electronic control module that offers pump auto change-over and volt free contacts that activate on high pressure, low pressure or fault error. The digital display includes indication of pump run/fault, system pressure and error code. Parameters that can be set include, run pressure with differential, high/low pressure, alarm levels, pump exercise, low water reset timer, leak alarm and pump A/B status to allow for single pump operation.


To facilitate ease of fitting all connections are located on the left side and bottom of the WP ECO DIGITAL. This allows fitting of the unit in restricted spaces. In order to minimise the down time when replacing other types of wall mounted pressurisation units a ‘retrofit kit’ is available.
The WP ECO DIGITAL range are provided with 5 bar pumps as standard and adhere to Mibec’s policy of only offering quality engineered products.
The WP ECO DIGITAL range is available, upon request, with integral thermal condensation/frost protection.