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Polywarm® Coated DHW Calorifiers

Mibec is the leading UK distributor of Cordivari, and we are proud to supply Cordivari Calorifiers and other products throughout the UK.  We can give you knowledgeable yet impartial advice on selecting the right calorifier to meet your project's needs.

Calorifiers are suitable for hot water storage in a number of applications, from a small domestic dwellings (serving a similar purpose to an immersion heater in a house), to supplying hot water in commercial buildings e.g. for shower rooms in hotels, schools, sports facilities or public buildings. Mibec can supply calorifiers from 200 litres up to 5,000 litres. WRAS approval is applicable to our entire range of UK calorifiers.

All our calorifiers have a magnesium anode fitted, with a test facility to enable the anode to be checked periodically for maintenance purposes. High grade insulation providing a thermal conductivity of only 0.035 W/mK is fitted to each calorifier in our range.

You can place an order for your tank today using the link below, or if you have any questions, please feel free to email or call our expert team at 01782 959170. We will be happy to help you source the right buffer tank for your project.


Production and storage of domestic hot water (DHW)


Mild steel Polywarm® coated (Attestation ACS - SSICA - EN 16421 - WRAS - WRAS)

Heat Exchanger

Stainless steel 316L Antilegionella® heat exchanger, with tubes bent to the bottom.


  • HARD: High thermal insulation with ecological polyurethane hard foam.
  • SOFT: NOFIRE® polyester fleece 100% made of recyclable material, with high thermal insulation. Fire resistance class B-s2d0 according to EN 13501.

Grey PVC external lining.

Cathode protection

Magnesium anode. Models >1500 n° 2 magnesium anodes.


External confluence through drain connection. Models > 1000 external confluence through drain pipe.

Gasket - Flange Plate

Silicone gaskets suitable for water intended for human consumption (tested according to 98/83/CE), max temperature up to 200°C. Mild steel exchanger head with anticorrosion treatment.


5 years


Polywarm Extra1
200L - 5,000L

Polywarm Extra2
200L - 5,000L
(2 removable heat exchangers)

Bolly XL Heat Pump Calorifier
200L - 1,500L
(1 fixed heat exchanger)


Polywarm® Coated DHW Calorifiers

stainless steel calorifier

Stainless Steel 316L Calorifiers


Bespoke Calorifiers