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Chilled Water Buffer Tanks

Our range of chilled water storage tanks or buffer vessels made of mild steel or galvanized metal are often used in air conditioning plants to improve thermal inertia. They come in standard sizes ranging from 100 litres to 5000 litres, and we also offer bespoke, larger sizes to meet your specific requirements.

Depending on your site needs, we can provide vertical or horizontal tanks. Our chilled water buffer vessel tanks can be galvanised internally and externally to EN 1179 standards. Our commercial chilled water buffer vessels are pressure-rated at 6 bar and conform to all aspects of the European PED. They have a minimum fixed 30mm hard foam insulation jacket, four connecting tappings, and two instrument pockets. They also come in soft or hard-cased insulation shells, depending on your preference.

Contact our expert team if you need help sizing your chilled water buffer tank by emailing us with your project requirements or calling us on 01782 959170.

horizontal chilled water tank

Horizontal Chilled Water Tank


Vertical Chilled Water Tank

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Mild Steel Chilled Water Tank

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Bespoke Chilled Tanks