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Tanks for Heat Pumps

The ACQ range of buffer tanks is ideal for heat pump or chilled water applications. One of our most popular product ranges, these heat pump tanks suit various projects. They come with rigid foam insulation and have a standard rating of 6 bar. The same tank can also be used on LTHW applications and is suitable for external installations.

Mibec is the UK's leading supplier of Cordivari tanks. We keep a high stock level in our UK-based warehouse and can help you with your buffer tank project from sizing and specification to delivery. We can give you knowledgeable yet impartial advice on selecting the right tank for your heat pump project.

You can place an order for your tank today using the link below, or if you have any questions, please feel free to email or call our expert team at 01782 959170. We will be happy to help you source the right buffer tank for your project.


Buffer either for hot or cold water provided by heat pump, to limit the generator on/off switchings.


Mild steel.

External Lining

Grey PVC.


High thermal insulation with ecological polyurethane hard foam.


2 years


Standard Tanks
(100L - 1,000L)

Wall Mounted Buffer Tanks
(12L - 100L)

Heat Pump Buffer Tanks for External Installation
(1,000L - 4,000L)


Heating Water Buffer Tank


Wall Mounted Buffer Tanks


Tanks for Heat Pumps

Chilled Water Buffer Tanks

Chilled Water Buffer Tanks


DHW Accumulation Tanks