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Cordivari Tanks UK

Cordivari Tanks UK

Mibec are proud to be one of the first  UK distributors of Cordivari tanks and chilled water buffer vessels. From buffer tanks for biomass, and buffer tanks for heat pumps, solar and other applications, the Cordivari range offers a great flexibility of choice when requiring thermal storage solutions.

cordivari tanks ukThe VCVT range of buffer tanks and accumulator tanks from Cordivari offer a choice of tanks for use on biomass systems, and range from 100litres in size to 35,000litres if required. All tanks come complete with 100mm high grade insulation jackets, which are removeable for ease of installation. All of the Cordivari VCVT range has a working pressure of 3bar as standard.

The ACQ range of buffer tanks is especially suited to heat pump, or chilled water applications. They have rigid foam insulation, and are rated to 6bar as standard. If you require a chilled water buffer vessel, the ACQ range is perfect for your needs.

Cordivari also offer a wide range of commercial calorifier tanks, or calorifiers for industrial use. Tanks from 100l to 10000l are available, and can be tailored to your sepcific requirements.

For over forty years, Cordivari have been leaders in tank and vessel construction, and produce thousands of tanks a year from there European base. Manufactured to the latest European Directives, and having class leading production quality systems.

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Cordivari Tanks UK