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Laddomat Loading Valve

laddomat loading valve


Many wood burning or solid fuel appliances, such as biomass boilers or wood burning stoves require a minimum return temperature to the appliance to prevent condensing, as well as to work more efficiently.

A Laddomat loading valve is a device that by using a thermostat to control the water temperature, can help to supply a minimum return temperature to you stove, cooker or boiler or solid fuel appliance. It can also help in loading the accumulator tank or thermal store more effectively, by ‘layering’ in the heating water, and aiding the stratification within the tank.

We have used and supplied the Laddomat 21 range of charging valves for many years, and can recommend them for use with these types of system. They come in two main types, the 21-60 unit for appliances up to 60kW heat output, and the 21-100 unit for larger boilers up to 100kW output.

The Laddomat 21-60 and 21-100 range are well designed with generous sealing surfaces, for simple fitting.

Both Laddomat valves are manufactured for maximum service life and problem free function. For example, the valve does not have any cast seats that could cause corrosion and leakage and is designed to have a minimal risk of oscillation.

The Laddomat range of loading valves are extremely easy to service compared to other valve ”solutions”.  Lever shut-off valves ensure that maintenance can be carried out easily without the need for draining the heating system.

The shut off valves have extra large openings to cope with the maximum flow demand at the end of each charging period and during the self-circulation phase if needed.

Three dial thermometers offer full visual control over the charging cycle.

Mibec Thermal solutions are an approved UK distributor for the Termoventiler range of biomass valve products, which include Laddomat and other valves. Order today with confidence, and obtain free advice if required.


As authorised distributors for the Termoventiler, the manufacturer of Laddomat products, we can also offer a leading range of 3 way valves, acutuators and controls for use alongside the Laddomat range.

Want to see how the Laddomat works?


Termomatic TVMThermomatic TVM is an actuator for control of rotating mixing valves. Its modern design gives silent and reliable function. The actuator features a valve position indicator and LEDs that show the direction of rotation.

The actuator can also be turned manually and has an integrated antilock device.

Thermomatic TVM is easy to install and completely maintenance-free.



Thermomatic CCThermomatic CC is a constant regulator for controlling a rotating mixing valve with a 90 degree opening angle.

CC has an adjustable set point of between 0–99°C

CC can be used for constant maintenance of both cooling and heating applications.

CC is used to regulate the return temperature of solid fuel boilers, to charge accumulator tanks, to regulate fl ow line temperatures to radiators/underfl oor heating circuits, swimming pools and other heating and cooling applications. This version is not suitable for domestic warm water regulation.

CC is easy to install and use. Settings are made using the touch buttons on the actuator, which are resistant to mechanical contact, as well as dust and moisture.

This is how Thermomatic CC works
CC has a microprocessor-controlled regulator that keeps the set temperature at a constant level.
CC has 2 yellow lamps that show which direction the actuator is turning, a green lamp that lights for normal operation and a red lamp that lights if there are sensor faults.


Technical Information

Please click on the links below, for full technical documentation for the range of Laddomat valves available, or call us for more advice.

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