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Multi Energy Tanks


With the continued move towards renewable energy heating solutions, many projects now require the need to effectively, yet efficiently link traditional gas or oil heating systems with greener carbon neutral options such as wood fired heating and air or ground source heat pumps.

The ideal solution to these needs are our range of multi energy tanks that have been specifically designed to link together these types of system. Both the Eco Combi range or the Term Combi range can provide the solution to your needs. Both are capable of providing an efficient way to link together all types of heating system, and can even link in solar thermal heating.

Importantly, both types of tank can offer domestic hot water production direct form the tank, which means that no dedicated hot water cylinder is required.

Please view the relevant information below on each tank, or call our technical support line on 0845 303 9397 where someone will help to select the right tank for your project.


Eco 1 Multi Energy Tank

Available in sizes from 200 to 1500l, the Eco 1 Multi Energy tank provides and ideal solution when requiring a link between solid fuel, biomass and traditional energy sources such as gas and oil.  It can also provide large amounts of domestic hot water from a dedicated high recovery stainless steel coil. Immersion heaters can also be added for use as back-up heating.

High grade 100mm insulation ensures long retention of useful heating water, and can also be removed to locate the tank in smaller spaces or pass through doorways.

An ideal tank for biomass applications that require domestic hotwater production.


Eco 2 Multi Energy Tank

Similar to the Eco 1 version, the Eco 2 Multi Energy tank is again ideal for linking different energy inputs such as biomass, gas, heat pumps or oil.  However this tank is also fitted with a dedicated solar coil, making it suitable for connection to solar thermal panels.

Tank volumes of 200 to 1500 litres are again available, and can be fitted with electrical immersion heaters for back up.

Insulation again comes as standard at 100mm, which gives low thermal conductivity of 0.035 W/mK, making them ideal for storing and producing water over long periods of time.



Eco Domus Space Saver Thermal Store

The Eco Domus range of tanks are produced in sizes of 200l, 300l and 500l. They are particulary suitable for projects where space and height is at a premium, with a maximum height of 1730mm on the 500l version.

This tank comes complete with a solar coil as standard, and be fitted with an electrical immersion heater as standard. Deep 60mm insulation gives effective retention of primary water, and long term levels of heat.

The Eco Domus is ideal for fitting in conjuction with wood burning stoves fitted with back boilers, and can be used on pressurised systems where the stove is approved for such use.

Technical Downloads (Click Below)

Eco Combi Range – Technical Download

Spacesaver Thermal Store – Technical Download