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Pre Insulated Pipe

Microflex pre insulated pipe is one of the most flexible PE-Xa heating carrier pipe systems available on the market today. Two 40mm internal carrier pipes can be bent into a radius of only 0.6 metres.  Combine this with the ease of connection, without the need for special tools or materials, Microflex offers an ideal solution for hot or cold water insulated pipe projects.

Microflex pipe systems are also lightweight, making them easy to carry and position at site.  We have used and supplied these pipe systems for alltypes of renewable energy projects, whether it be heat pump systems for low heat loss performance, or biomass wood fired boilers that are remotely situated from the main property. Distict heating projects can be easily serviced, and advice on sizing and fitting given if required.


Microflex Product Summary

Light weight

As Microflex pipes are light weight, they are easier to handle than comparable pipes, so can be laid rapidly, even over obstacles and around bends.

Highest quality standards

The Microflex piping system is manufactured according to the most stringent standards and Watts Industries manufacturing facilities and processes are fully ISO 9001 approved.

Excellent insulation

Microflex pipes consist of micro-cellular cross-linked polyethylene foam with a closed cellular structure, permitting low water vapour diffusion, good insulation and resistance to extreme temperatures. This positions them favourably against other materials (e.g. PUR foam) which show a decline in their insulation capabilities over time.

Oxygen diffusion barrier

The Microflex carrier pipe used in heating appliances incorporates an oxygen diffusion barrier which prevents oxygen permeating into the piping system. This barrier enhances the life of the system components.

A long, maintenance-free life

Tests carried out by major testing bodies on the different components of the Microflex piping system indicate that the expected lifetime of Microflex pipes is over 100 years. Throughout their life, Microflex pipes are virtually maintenance-free.

Environmentally friendly

The Microflex system is free from pollutants. The pipe imparts neither taste nor odour and is non-toxic. The manufacturing and recycling processes are also environmentally friendly.

Size flexibility

Microflex pipes are available as tailored lengths or full coils up to 100 m. A wide variety of pipe diameters are available from 25 mm o/d (DN20) to 110 mm o/d (DN90) to meet your specific application requirements.

Call us now, for free advice on how to utilise Microflex pre-insulated pipe in your heating, renewable or district heating pipe project. Alternatively visit our dedicated website at www.insulatedpipe.co.uk for more information.