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Stratifying Buffer

When storing heat within a buffer tank or accumulator tank, it can be greatly beneficial to get the primary heating water to retain stratification or thermal layering.  By doing so more of higher level heat is retained, and the heating water is used with greater efficiency.

Achieving stratification can be done in many ways, including the use of loeading valves and 3 way mixer valves. This enables the user to control the flow of water in and out of the buffer tank or accumulator. These systems are very common on biomass boilers, log boilers and wood pellet boiler systems.

Our stratifying buffer range of tanks, are fitted with a dedicated ‘spreader’ plate.  This enables the heating water to layer better within the tank, and is ideal for solar thermal solutions where ‘hotspots’ of heat are created at certain times during the day.

For more information on this range of tanks, please download the Stratification Buffer Spec Sheet 2011 or contact us for more information