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Thermal Stores

The principal of a thermal store cylinder is similar to that of a buffer tank. Essentially it is an efficient method of linking multiple energy inputs together, and provide domestic hot water as main pressure.

Working in a similar way to a battery, the thermal store holds energy from a heat source to use when the customer requires. Traditionally, when running a fire or stove with a back boiler, it has been necessary to use the heat created immediately. With a thermal store, a buffer of primary heating water is created and used when required. It is especially useful at the beginning of the day, to provide immediate hot water for heating or washing.

A thermal store normally differs in size from a typical buffer tank, with sizes on average being between 170 litres and 300 litres. This can be sized according to the system components, and a customers heat requirements.

A typical modern system, may contain a wood burning stove with back boiler, an existing gas or oil boiler and a solar thermal panel system on the roof.  The thermal store is able create an efficient way of linking these systems together, whilst enabelling the end customer operate his or her heating system as they have done previously. An important advantage of the thermal store principle, is that the domestic hot water circuit is isolated from the main system, and is therefore provided at mains pressure, another plus wehn fitting a thermal store.  The store can also be fitted with electrical immersion elements for complete peace of mind.

We supply a full range of thermal stores to suit any system, and can help to specify the correct cylinder for your needs. Just call us or fill in the contact form and a trained engineer will call to discuss your project.