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Unical Gasogen 40kW Wood Fired Log Gasification Boiler – MCS Approved








Gasogen G3 40kW Log Gasification Boiler – MCS Approved

The Unical Gasogen range of log fired gasification boilers, offers excellent levels of performance, quality and reliability. With efficiency figures of over 85%, and low emission levels, the Unical Gasogen wood boiler is ideal for domestic or commercial use. MCS accredited for use under the Domestic RHI (Renewable Heat Incentive)

Features and Benefits

–          Construction with carbon steel thickness of 8 mm

–          Inverted flame combustion

–          High efficiency (wood) over 84%

–          Optimisation and combustion control by regulation of primary and secondary air

–          Assisted combustion using wood gasification fan

–          Combustion chamber with wide inspection doors to facilitate easy loading and maintenance

–          Combustion chamber with refractory catalyst.

–          Casing insulation with 60 mm thick glass wool mattress

–          Panel board for automatic water temperature and fan control

–          Safety exchanger to prevent over heating composed of steel coil immersed directly in the boiler

–          Integral anti-condensing system with modulating thermostatic valves (patented)



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